Thursday, August 26, 2010


I love light. My grandmother's living room is always a room of gloom. Well, to be fair, she's quite penurious, so her rooms always have the bare minimum in terms of lighting. (Read: I can't see anything.) I thought I would share some interesting lamps that I have found. I have to say that I was quite disappointed on my search. I felt like when I was looking over the bookcases, there were so many that I thought were funky that I didn't even post. I am thinking I might have to rethink my stance and design funky lamps instead.

Lamp One: I must have some sort of penchant for appendages if you recall the bookshelves I posted in my previous entry. These might be the most adorable lamps I have ever laid my eyes on and they're quite pleasant. They're very simple with clean lines, something I am a fan of, yet they are clearly different from anything else I've ever seen.

Lamp Two: I wouldn't say that I love this and I probably wouldn't purchase it myself if given the opportunity but I can appreciate it's appeal nonetheless. This is really for someone who appreciates the curvature of a piece. What I like about it is that it is quite different from the standard lamp.

Lamp Three: I find myself quite ambivalent about this piece. While I find it intriguing and pleasing to look at, I find it difficult to imagine where I would place this in my home. I am thinking that I would use this in an office space or when I'm rich enough to purchase my highly industrialized condo.

Lamps Four & Five: Two different takes I found on the same game. These Pac Man lamps are fun. I think they'd be great in a kids room but more awesome in the game room that I do not have. I like that they stayed with the simplicity of the characters themselves.

Lamp Six: This lamp is simple yet elegant. I love how ramified this piece looks without appearing too chaotic. This is definitely a piece that can make an appearance anywhere in your home.

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