Sunday, November 28, 2010

Funky Staircases for Your Home

I am finding it more and more difficult to come up with new ideas but I am still trucking along! As I pondered what I wanted to write about next, I finally thought of it---staircases. I love when I see unique staircases---whether it be the funky ones I am going to discuss here or just original to the home, meticulously done staircases with a gorgeous, unique design. Here are some of the staircases that I have found on my search that I love. And if you love them, stay tuned---my next entry will show you even more!

Staircase One: The staircase below is absolutely gorgeous and well-designed. Any staircase with a curvature is usually a plus in my book and furthermore, anything that adds additional storage is always a plus. It's very sleek and very modern and I love the darkness against a lighter wall color. Beautiful!

Staircase Two: Wait a second! Did my dreams just come true? This is an incredibly awesome staircase. Why does this not exist EVERYWHERE? Imagine you are getting out of work after a really long day and you get to ride this bad boy on your way out. That would be an awesome mood-lifter. I'd like to see this in some other colors but otherwise, this receives a grade of "awesome" in my book.

Staircase Three: Now clearly I don't think this would be great for a house but I think the idea and the fluidity is great for a very large building---perhaps a concert hall. These stairs feel very musical to me and the flow is great.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Unique Kitchenware For Your Home

Many of my posts have been about unique or funky designs specifically related to one thing. I thought today I could change that up with a little bit of funky kitchenware to brighten your day. Most of these pieces are for those who like to have a little fun with their guests and for people who have a sense of humor themselves. I can't see these working for people who have very serious tastes.

Image One: It's so wrong but it's so right! Is there anything wrong with this? Not in my mind. I absolutely love it. Typical pieces that hold knives are so boring. This is so fun, albeit slightly violent. This will definitely add a kick to your kitchen. I have also seen this piece in black.

Image Two: Very cute take on the typical gingerbread man cookie cutters. And now that we're getting into the holiday season, now would be a great time to add them to your collection. Great for a fun party where you have guests who can take a joke. I could definitely see myself having a tray of these when my guests walk in and not saying a word. Then I could see what peoples' reactions would be.

Image Three: Definitely adorable! These kitchen items are not only colorful but they're fun. They're great if you have the space to store them and if you have a sense of humor. And once again, it really touches the soft spot in my heart for appendages or anatomy in general.