Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Unique Designs---Outside!

Most of the posts that have been created by me have been about unique designs for the inside of your home. But the problem with that is---well, it's summer! If you're like me, you don't want to be stuck inside of your home. I thought about it---for an entire twenty seconds---and I came up with my next idea! Tents!

Yes, the thrilling world of tents! I know, I know---you can't contain yourself. But stay with me here. Even if you don't like camping or even the thought of having a thin slice of fabric separate you from nature, you will, at the very least, appreciate these unique tents.

Tent One: Where am I? I feel like I've been warped into some time in the future where people live in pods. (That's if you ignore the houses in the backdrop.) Not only does this tent store solar energy but it apparently has an LCD-screen too. At night, it looks gorgeous all lit up. I guess this is really for those modern campers who need to charge their cell phones.

Tent Two: Known as the "mangroove," this tent provides the stability that other tents may not. It's design allows you to set it up on all types of terrain while providing the comfort you need for a great night's sleep---you know, as long as there aren't bears around. I'll be completely useless here and say that it's actually quite cute and compact.

Tent Three: I'm not sure if I have any words for this. This might be the most convenient thing I have ever seen. It looks so classy---way too classy for someone like me. It's quite gorgeous and is easy to transport around. I just hope that it's easy to keep clean.