Sunday, November 28, 2010

Funky Staircases for Your Home

I am finding it more and more difficult to come up with new ideas but I am still trucking along! As I pondered what I wanted to write about next, I finally thought of it---staircases. I love when I see unique staircases---whether it be the funky ones I am going to discuss here or just original to the home, meticulously done staircases with a gorgeous, unique design. Here are some of the staircases that I have found on my search that I love. And if you love them, stay tuned---my next entry will show you even more!

Staircase One: The staircase below is absolutely gorgeous and well-designed. Any staircase with a curvature is usually a plus in my book and furthermore, anything that adds additional storage is always a plus. It's very sleek and very modern and I love the darkness against a lighter wall color. Beautiful!

Staircase Two: Wait a second! Did my dreams just come true? This is an incredibly awesome staircase. Why does this not exist EVERYWHERE? Imagine you are getting out of work after a really long day and you get to ride this bad boy on your way out. That would be an awesome mood-lifter. I'd like to see this in some other colors but otherwise, this receives a grade of "awesome" in my book.

Staircase Three: Now clearly I don't think this would be great for a house but I think the idea and the fluidity is great for a very large building---perhaps a concert hall. These stairs feel very musical to me and the flow is great.

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  1. The staircase with the slide is really good. Now only if they could have those for the buildings that are numerous stories high, a lot of people could save money on going to an amusement park because going down a slide alongside a tall building is an adventure in itself hehe.