Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Table That!

I realized that I had intended to do a post on tables. I recalled this only after I began my search, as I thought to myself, "Some of these look familiar." I like tables---although, mine is the cheapest one I could find. Perhaps one day when I can afford that palatial mansion I will indulge myself with one that I really like.

Table One: Okay, so perhaps one could argue that this might not be a table but obviously, without a flame, it is still functional. Hell, even with the flame on you can still put things on it. I'm not sure how I feel about this---do I like this? Would I own this? Wouldn't I rather have a fake fireplace? Would I reenact this scene, with my friend and I sitting in my already lit living room, holding a deep conversation? All things to consider when looking at this design.

Table Two: I actually like this and I think it serves its purpose. It's very simple, although you might not like this if you have trouble doing things like sitting down on the floor and getting back up again. As one whose thirty-four year old body is in an advance state of atrophy, I can vouch that this might not be comfortable for everyone. This table, with an Asian-influence, is definitely a space-saver that does not have comfort in mind, unless, that is, you have the ass of a rock.

Table Three: Now this I love! I would claim this in a heartbeat. Blood. Paint dripping. Who cares what it is? It's fun. It's appears so simple from above. But even though others might be turned off by this look, I find it quite elegant.

Table Four: Ah, functionality. Pieces like this have become oh so commonplace in cities, where rational, young peoples' minds are warped into believing that 400-500 square feet of living space at no less than 500K is completely acceptable! I have seen a table like this in Ikea, which seats four. The nice thing about this table is that it seats at least eight people. Supposedly on a website that I read, this seats twelve, but I'm not sure how practical and comfortable that is. The seats appear a bit low but I don't see this as a place you would be seated for a long-period of time. Hell, you could even use this in a tiny office space. I do like the colors of this piece and the design itself is uncomplicated.

until next time...
christine sakariasen

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