Sunday, January 16, 2011

When Radiators Stop Being Ugly: Part One

Happy New Year!

I haven't written in awhile. I'm dabbling in some other ventures that are often taking up my time. I was thinking about what I should write about next and I just jokingly thought “radiators.” So imagine my surprise when I actually found funky radiators for your home! Whenever people think of radiators, they usually think of these boring things that pretty much look the same in every home and make everything warm. The radiators I've chosen for you today defy the notion that radiators have to be boring and just something that is in the way.

Radiator One:

These radiators have a very industrial feel to them. I love the way they seamlessly flow along the wall. It almost has an artistic feel to it. These would be great for a modern space. I can see them in condos that have been converted from large industrial buildings.

Radiator Two:

These radiators, from Caleido, are very noteworthy. Unlike the first image, these radiators look nothing like the radiators we're used to in our homes. Like the first image, however, these also have a very artistic feel to them. These would be great in a fun space---no formal rooms, please.

Radiator Three:

This radiator, by Carisa, has a very elegant feel to it. You can probably see a pattern here---yet another radiator that feels like a piece of art. There is a strong sense of musicality to this radiator and it really has a sense of class. This would be great in a more formal area. Note: That does not mean boring.

Radiator Four:

Looking for something different that has a more natural feel? Check out this radiator from I-Radium. Although their radiators have a sense of nature to them, they still manage to have a sense of elegance to them. They also appear to be great space savers. Check out more from this company here:

As you can tell, I found quite a few so I will continue with part two at a later time. But more importantly, which is your favorite of the ones I presented to you today? I'm having a hard time choosing!

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  1. I like radiator four the most because I like to touch things that look funky and I know for sure hot radiators are things that I should not be touching with curiosity lol. Radiator four looks interesting still but normal enough for me to know its function and remember not to touch it when it's hot hehe.